"Pregnancy," choosing the right

  weighing 100-200 grams in every breast of young women. Female body breast uplift is not only beautiful, but also nurturing new life "great help". After pregnancy because hormones stimulate breast ductal hyperplasia, Alveoli increase in breast enlargement, weight increased. In order to prevent sagging breasts, and pregnant women should wear a bra during the day, relaxing in the evening, avoid Bras tight chest oppression.
wear a bra has a lot of advantages, it not only supported and helped hold the breasts and breast enlargement and breast blood circulation, prevent blood circulation obstruction delay-related risk of breast disease, also protects the nipple, prevent injury and pain in touch and maintaining breast appearance to avoid sagging, reducing labor and the shock of walking breasts.

bra? pregnant, breasts out from the lower half of the expansion, increasing and bras in varying proportions, so increased size do not wear Bras, BRA designed for pregnant women should be chosen and replaced at any time as the breast changes.
? from conception to production, about two breast cups, expectant mothers should be selected on the basis of this looser BRA, breasts without pressure, to avoid affecting the development of hyperplasia of mammary gland and. Also, tight Bras because of friction with the skin and the fabric into the duct, resulting in less postpartum no milk or milk.
? increased the weight of the breasts during pregnancy, under increasing, it is best to wear the BRA of soft steel plate, without support, growing breasts will sag, be easily restored after the destruction of fibrous tissue in the breast.
? use comfortable, skin touch soft Bras, so that compresses the breast, nipple, or cause inflammation.
? bra strap as wide as possible, so as not to into the skin; strap can be adjusted; front clasp bra wearing and postnatal lactation.
? later in pregnancy, nipples become sensitive, fragile, and lactation is possible, should use breast pads for protection. In the puerperium, lactation, breast pads can also help absorb secrete excess breast milk, the breasts and fresh. Recommended
nursing bras this bra is not only suitable for pregnancy, during lactation also easy to use, late in pregnancy, may wish to purchase the special design can reflect economic convenience of bras. Removable buckle flap shoulder straps, breastfeeding without the BRA off, prenatal and post-natal apply soft shaping wire completely beneath large breasts to protect does not deform the breast; w tray liner can support the breasts don't droop; breast to cross-sectional designs can be centralized so expectant mothers during pregnancy can also keep the curves.
rest home or leisure bra wearing a bra more comfortable, is thoughtful in design. This type of bra is don't use steel plate, using a specially designed was settled in chest chest, cause swollen breasts during pregnancy comfort soft cotton, comfortable; no hook on the back, sleep is also comfortable to wear; designed with front entry, easy nursing also.

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