"Pregnancy" 12 good habits

  of pregnancy is a special time of 10 months, keeping good living habits is good for the pregnant woman and the fetus.
1. not dieting to lose weight: avoid baby future risk of heart disease and diabetes increases the risk of an Australian expert in obstetrics and gynaecology study found that whether a person is suffering from heart disease, diabetes and other diseases in adults, and significantly associated with dieting during pregnancy. Experts pointed out that pregnant women dieting techniques can reduce the intake of energy and protein, and both of these nutrients is fetal growth and metabolism of the essential material, have a great influence on fetal weight. If a pregnant woman due to poor diet and nutrition, will be increased to a great extent one adults for heart disease and the risk of diabetes and other diseases. Studies have confirmed that environment on a person and adults suffering from the impact of the disease, far more than the threat of genetic factors.
2. not picky on Eclipse: so the fetus stopped developing in the womb and some habits of pregnant women before pregnancy have a partial solar eclipse so picky, more picky tastes after pregnancy. Food always pick their favorite food to eat, still does not move you don't like chopsticks, some pregnant women also keep eat only a few staple foods every meal habits. You know, still can't find a natural foods can contain all the nutrients needed by the body, take for instance the milk and eggs, although the high nutritional value, but low iron; eggs lack essential vitamin c. Skipping Staples needed to enable pregnant women lack energy and b-group vitamins, dietary fiber, if lack of energy and protein can cause slow fetal growth, or even stopped. The latest study also found that mothers taste through the amniotic fluid and breast milk to their baby. If only certain food preferences, easily Eclipse after the baby is born.
3. not to informal swimming pool: so as not to increase the risk of miscarriage trimester weight gain, pregnant women have bigger pressure on the spine. If my health permits, swimming is a sport that is good for pregnant women. Studies have shown that swimming can adjust the emotions of the pregnant woman, reducing low back pain and hemorrhoids and discomfort and promote natural childbirth. But obstetric experts cautioned that pregnant women pay attention to choose the regular pool when swimming. Some swimming pools often use chlorinated water in swimming pools, if one of the higher levels of chloroform, the harmful gas will be absorbed through the skin into the body of pregnant women, increasing the risk of miscarriage. For this reason, formal pools for swimming during pregnancy to be quality assured, best has a full-time medical staff and care.
4. no excessive laughing: so as not to induce abortions and premature births during pregnancy in a bad mood is not conducive to the growth of fetus, easy to give birth to a deformed child. Therefore, people always warn pregnant women remains optimistic, best smile. But it is not, no limited for laughing is good for pregnant women. Obstetric experts pointed out that pregnant women laughing is also inappropriate. Laughing makes the abdomen suddenly twitch, stimulate the uterus to contract. Likely to result in miscarriage in early pregnancy, if late in pregnancy may easily lead to preterm birth, so pregnant women feel free to laugh is not a good habit.
5. not supine sleeping: avoid back syndrome as the fetus matures, that advanced cancer of abdominal pregnancy was almost entirely occupied by the uterus. If you persist in supine position, are easy to back-pressure on the arteries of the uterus increases, reduced blood flow to the uterus, insufficient blood supply to the fetus and affect fetal growth and development. Moreover, when enlarged uterus can on the inferior vena cava, lower extremity blood back blocked, cause or worsen edema. Meanwhile, various organs of the body due to returned blood volume reduction caused by ischemia "supine" syndrome, characterized by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, decreased blood pressure. Therefore, late pregnancy should avoid supine posture of sleep, proper body position is lying on the left side.
6. bathing water without water temperature too high: Fetal central nervous system damage so as not to have a hot bath is the habit of many people, including some women, feel yourself refreshed, eliminating fatigue. But research shows that pregnant within 2 months of embryonic tissue is extremely sensitive to temperature change, even the temperature of the bath water. In General, over 42 degrees Celsius water temperature may cause damage to embryonic central nervous system, neural tube defects such as anencephaly, spina bifida risk is greatly increased, or low birth weight.
7. everyday living: so as to avoid miscarriages after pregnancy and pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome in some people, still not changed on time every day living habits. Especially when full time to rest at home, but wanted to get up get up every day and wanted to sleep on the bed, no life, as long as the rest long enough there will be no problem. However, the human body is a circadian, no regular life will cause disorders in the human anterior pituitary function, circadian disruption. In this way, not only affect fetal growth and development, caused when growth stalled. Meanwhile, pregnant Mommy brain blood vessels prolonged tension headaches, insomnia, irritation and discomfort, increase the risk of miscarriage, and likely to cause hypertension in pregnancy.
8. minimize the use of cell phones: so as not to increase the incidence of birth defects in cell phone has is that people can't live without the necessity after many pregnancies are still hand-printing machine. Environmental health research experts pointed out that in the cause of birth defects in the 70% is unknown and 30% 20% of the reasons are due to adverse environmental factors, including electromagnetic radiation. Test showed that the intensity of electromagnetic radiation of mobile in for the moment will suddenly increase and the fertilized egg when it was first formed, descendant chromosomal replication is a current flowing, even very weak electromagnetic radiation, is also easy to make a fertilized egg is affected, increasing the incidence of abnormal embryo development. For security reasons pregnant women during pregnancy it is best to use less phone, especially the first 3 months of pregnancy.
9. minimize the use of electrical appliances: modern life so as not to increase the rate of spontaneous abortions in pregnant women without microwave ovens, cookers, electric blankets, computers and other electronic products, these products greatly improve the people's quality of life. Pointed out by the eugenicists, or use these products during pregnancy as well, because these products will produce ionizing radiation, preferably with other supplies instead. For example, sleeping in cold weather, hot water bottle can be used to keep warm when the cold, do not use the electric blanket; reheat food with natural gas do not use microwave ovens use microwave ovens or cookers should pay attention to the body and try to keep some distance; minimize time in contact with computers, best to wear when using electromagnetic protective clothing.
10. watch less television per day: so as not to affect maternal and child health, and contribute to edema of lower limbs after many pregnancies, daily activities than before, and often spend time watching TV. Color television sets at work, picture tubes in high-voltage power supply stimulated by constant invisible x-rays, also produces ultraviolet wavelengths less than 400 microns. If the 3-4 meters away from the screen, up to 1-2 hours, more than a 10-minute break in the Middle, not have much impact on pregnant women and fetuses, but watching TV for a long time, can cause miscarriages and premature births, leading to abnormal fetal development. In addition, watching television for too long can affect pregnant women of lower extremity blood flow back, adding lower limb edema, even varicose veins.
11. best lunch break every day: to avoid accidents involving physical exertion as the fetus grew bigger and bigger, pregnant women become unwieldy, not just the easy body fatigue, also prone to stress, trigger preterm labor. Therefore, should not only increase the sleep time, it is best to rest after lunch every day, especially when the edema of lower limbs, as soon as possible to help relieve fatigue, relax and relieve the edema of lower limbs.
12. often go out in the Sun: avoid baby teeth dysplasia or calcium deficiency at birth and some pregnant women are always afraid of tanned skin, went out to avoid the Sun. But the middle and late pregnancy many people appeared sore, sore legs, hands and feet numbness, leg cramps and discomfort, this is in fact a calcium deficiency in the body's signals. Starting from the 5th month of pregnancy, the baby teeth begin to calcify and build bones need to consume large amounts of calcium, so calcium is in great demand. But the intestinal absorption of calcium depends on Sun, Sun irradiation of 7-dehydrocholesterol under the skin cholesterol into vitamin d, and vitamin d helps calcium absorption in the intestine in food.
, baby teeth are strong after birth, depends to a large extent the fetal period to get enough calcium. In addition, calcium deficiency during pregnancy is also prone to pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, severe rickets in the baby being born with congenital abnormalities.

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