Baby dental care products

  first talk about the pacifier. This should be used, experts also have said, that is conducive to babies dental development, there are not conducive to the development of the baby's gums. Looked over the article, personally think that teething used should be no problem before, suggest that mothers use after 6 months. Pacifier use, really different like different kids. Useless for my son because my son refuses to use, but I have seen very good baby. Special recommendations to you and MOM here, once you buy your baby refuses to use a pacifier in the first paragraph, don't like I lost one after another, I was altogether lost 5, 7, 8 6 brand after the pacifier, fully understand that my son will never accept a pacifier, he prefers his thumb. It is recommended that pacifiers can buy a, brands are not very different, styles you mother's hobby, do not watch cheap baby does not like, then change your. It is a waste of money.
gutta. Ashamed, gutta was I lost 4, are not cheap. Feel the same wasting! These babies are very attractive, was defeated by Mama a little money in his hand. And the Heinz teething stick, also belongs to the lost thing, and every time I let my son eat these things causing him full of anger. Result is Dad own baked bread and mom son like making apples used to grind. But Apple should pay attention to the thickness of the baby molar, do not let the baby broke, Yan Zhao.
toothbrush, often visit baby products shop MOM must have seen 0-6M baby toothbrush toothbrushes and 6-24M baby, cute stuff, 0-6M is a round head, a bit like an ordinary toothbrush for June-2 April, but entire toothbrush head and tooth of the same material. Do you use, to tell the truth does not help much to his son's dental health. If you and MOM to baby's dental health, rather than prohibiting any sweet baby before going to bed, after eating before going to bed and fed babies drink better water effects more directly. Son of two toothbrushes into basically two versions of toys, and generally under the close supervision of the mother can play, what is stick with stuff, playing alone fear of an accident. Personal opinion, does not recommend the purchase, what to buy, recommend good boy a handle with music, the baby was more fun to play.

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