Baby eczema how to select care products

  treatment of infants with eczema need MOM and dad pay attention and use care product, to avoid irritation to the baby's skin is very important. Parents are going to pay attention to your baby's bath. Because eczema often secretly make the skin moisture loss, to keep skin moist not dry, is the core of our home care eczema.
easy eczema parts dry, which reduces the skin's protective nature of liquids is very easy to get lost, nor effective protection for hot, cold and bacterial infections. This is the reason why we need to continue to nourish the infant.
in fact, the methods can be simple??
limit the number of baths per week, only 2 or 3 times, to the extent possible, keep the skin moist, skin conditions, such as better then every day, but don't always have to use SOAP.
in the bath with a mild soap, is also very useful ways to keep baby's skin moist.
should avoid any toiletries containing perfumes or dyes, you should not use a baby with these items.
bath, hygroscopic properties of large bath towel and Pat skin, sucking up water, dry rather than rubbing the skin.
coating does not contain alcohol, fragrance-free lotion.
note in the shower, SOAP, painted skin, wash very important, cannot let the remnants of skin lotion. Before and after breastfeeding, baby or on an empty stomach, or eating enough, is not a good time to bathe. Water temperature at 38-39 ° c is appropriate, parents need to use elbows to test high and low temperature. Bathe, protect your baby's eyes, don't let SOAP or lotion to stimulate the baby's eyes. Babies do not have much strength, so shower not too long, flavor-free lotion for baby's skin is very useful, please make sure it's mild, and thick heavy as possible! Should be 5 times a day, so that the skin will moisturize as much as possible.

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