Baby travel supplies

  travel baby should take what you do? Bottles, thermal pots, milk seal lunch box, a small towel and so on, it is essential to take the baby out of the article.
1. IKEA pot insulation, advantages of the material is light, long holding time, than the kettle heat preservation effect is good. Bottle of purified drinking water on the road again (adults can drink), and can be solved with water.
2. fruit juice bottles, feeding juice, effervescent tablets, calcium and so on, without capacity is large, the children not to drink so much.
3. larger bottles. Rinse with water, then Bell hand-towel wipe disinfection wet gold, to go home and cook.
4. small seal lunch box, milk powder.
5. pacifier, if in case outside of downtown, for help.
or see our eating and not suitable for her to eat, put his mouth to the wall.
6. small towels, wet wipes for general use without, which dirty a lot if it is useful.
7. wet wipes, hand to mouth, and cope with, get a towel.
8. IKEA plastic bibs, used wet cleaning, easy. ~ Why lazy people, generally easier compared with the mind.
9. spoon boxes of children's meals because often take us out to dinner, for families also have to give people something to eat.
10. violet
11. tissue paper, with a small BB, this thing but not in hand.
12. straps, perennial in the car.
these things with a supermarket shopping bag big bag smaller bags placed in the shopping basket under the cart below.

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