Choose carefully baby topical insect repellent

  up to the summer, because baby skin inflammation to the hospital increased gradually, because wrong choice painted the class mosquito repellent products cause skin allergies in babies a certain proportion. Carefully selected for baby insect repellent products, prevent skin from being raised.
with the arrival of summer, some young parents early on prepared four or five topical insect repellent products for babies, to keep the pesky mosquito bites. Surprising is that baby while smearing the repellent away mosquitoes, but still does not escape have small red spots of bad luck, young parents to take their children to the hospital.
many young parents in order to help baby summer to prevent mosquito bites, select buy what child insect repellent products are nothing new, what latest what the result was baby rub on there is an allergic reaction, get itching all over, to injury and central nervous system, to add unnecessary trouble.
to avoid skin irritation, Li Haoyu chief physician reminders of young parents when selecting mosquito products for babies should pay attention to four points:
first, carefully selected brands. To be used as far as possible familiar with the regular product, in a sense, consumers are familiar with the domestic and foreign well-known brand manufacturers have standardized product line, as well as high specification development and perfect quality control system, in terms of product quality and production processes are guaranteed.
Second, carefully check the product ingredients. Ingredients determine the repellent effects and toxicity, some containing toxic products are not suitable for children, young parents must pay attention to buy environment-friendly insect repellent products for children.
third, the insect repellent should pay attention to the product certification number. Certification number is the product to have the effect, side effects to control standard "certificate of origin", do not buy products with no authentication.
IV, to try out new products in a timely manner. For those who are new, new brand insect repellent products, in part after the trial had no allergic reaction, again big area use. If it is found that allergy symptoms, you should immediately stop using, and promptly to the hospital.

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