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Top 8 considerations for add complementary foods

  1, from a baby to a variety of
is not added several complementary, that is likely to cause adverse reactions. Started adding, if adverse reaction appear within 3-5 days of the baby, bowel movements normal, you can let your baby to try another.
2, from liquid to solid
according to the liquids--semi liquid food-solid food in order to add complementary. If a baby started to add a solid or semi-solid foods, your baby's stomach can no longer afford and difficult to digest and can cause diarrhea.
3, from less to more
baby can start to feed one or two tablespoons, then to four or five tablespoons, then to half a bowl. When I first start solid food, feed once a day, if the child did not appear to resist reaction, you can slowly increase the number.
a long time not long liquid diet foods for baby to eat liquids or muddy food will provide baby Miss chewing ability to develop critical period. Chewing sensitivity normally appears in 6 months or so, then it should provide opportunities for babies learning to chew.
5, complementary irreplaceable dairy
some mothers think that now that the baby can eat solid food, reduced from 6 months babies on breast milk or other dairy intake, it's wrong. Then the baby should be breast milk or milk as a staple food, food supplement can only be used as a food supplement, otherwise it will affect his health.
6, encountered not cease to
to add baby solid food when the baby allergy, diarrhea or have more mucus in the stool, to immediately stop giving baby feeding solid food, to be returned to normal after starting (allergy of food cannot be added).

7, not additive complementary food as little as possible with or without added salt and sugar, baby so as not to develop bad habits of salt or sugar. Not to mention the added monosodium glutamate and artificial colors, baby so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys, renal function damage.
8, pleasant eating atmosphere
selected in the baby happy and sober feeding food supplement, when the baby prefer not to eat, not coercion. To add baby solid food not just for nutritional supplements, as well as developing healthy eating habits and manners, promotes proper baby taste development, if the child being complementary psychological setback, he will bring a lot of negative impact.

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