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Children eat four problems causes and countermeasures

  my son was three years old, often do not have the appetite to eat, have no interest in any food, each meal is routinely eat a few mouthfuls, tried various means to coax, lie to, encourage him, has little effect, we went to the hospital to see a doctor, the doctor said no major problems, let the children ate some appetizers medicine, seems to have no success. Analysis of
1, insufficient physical activity, low consumption, lack of hunger.
2, eat snacks and drinks too much, has no interest in dinner.
3, was indeed little appetite at the same time, children also exist in the growth stage of adjustment, such as during the three-year-olds will show a smaller appetite, a physiological adjustment.
1, let the children decide their own appetite, not forced child mothers prescribed quantitative standards. Let them separate dining, older children allowed him to use their choice of mealtimes, or your appetite.
2, can be a child's Companion for dinner.
3, limit snacks, a number, and second time (one hour before your meal snacking).
4 (promotes blood circulation and helps to digest).
5, sudden appetite for reduction of child, mother to careful observation, stomach discomfort, and emotional problems. Cause analysis, targeted solution.
challenge four: eat slow
my daughter eats very slowly, such as meals start at seven o'clock in the morning, often for more than an hour before they can eat breakfast, eat often because slow delayed our work time. Analysis of
1, a child is born "slow coach" character, so parents do not have to repeatedly urged.
2, eating slowly is a good thing, help children's health.
3, children have no appetite, eat stop, divert, or encounter does not like to eat food.
1, the first two categories is not a problem, but be careful not to keep food cold, added method can take the less prosperous.
2, loss of appetite, let the children eat less.
3, note that cooking food makes kids like, easy to children chewing.
first, try to maintain a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with a meal, this is the basic condition for promoting child appetite. Children refused to eating, absolute cannot forced he, may wish to let he walked away, children is not let himself each meal are hungry with of, as long as strongly not to he snack,, he Xia a meal rice again returned to table side on will big eat a meal, this than nag grumble then no effect stronger have more, if not works, is to for reasons analysis, reference above of several meals status research specific of solution method.
II, young children need their parents ' help guide, but don't offer too much advice, to remind and urge, not busy feeding and the baby food, not to let children know the table Office noticed.
three, don't expect your children ate every meal, adults will eat more and eat less due to a different mood, children should be given a certain degree of autonomy.
four, don't take their jobs with children, to let them know that eating must be on the table, but do not make serious atmosphere horrible.
v, to children with a meal of chewing ability, which helps digestion while chewing is also a factor in promoting children's intellectual development. Studies suggest that chewing chewing muscle contraction and relaxation can promote the blood circulation of the brain repeatedly, chewing mouth organ excited to promote intellectual development. In addition, some chewed digestive tract will increase, stimulus control neurons in hippocampus in learning and memory.

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