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Office worker mother to breastfeed successfully

  many MOM after the baby is 4 months or 6 months, the expiry of maternity leave have to go back to work. At this time MOM on time and inconvenience to the baby breast-feeding, mixed feeding is required. When baby needs to add complementary, if not fed properly, can easily lead to malnutrition. Also, during this period some of the immune substances in the baby's body from the mother are consumption, reducing, if premature interruption of breastfeeding can lead to resistance drops, digestive disorders, affect the baby's growth and development.
feeding at this time, usually in between breast milk and feed milk or other dairy products. The best way is, if conditions allow, mothers still breastfeeding breast milk at work out, or breast milk sucking air, to guarantee the full secretion of milk next time. Aspirate in possible cases of milk, cleansing using a sterilised bottle placed in the refrigerator or the shade store, go home with warm water and heat can still feed. Lactation should be at least 3 times a day (including feeding and milking), as if to feed one or two times a day, breasts are not sufficient to stimulate breast milk secretion becomes less, not conducive to extended breast feeding time. In short, to try to reduce the feeding times of milk or milk substitutes, do their utmost to adhere to breastfeeding.
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supplies are: breast pump, bottles, milk bags or sets breast cups, ice, cooler
to work a few days ago, mother according to the work schedule, adjustment, child breastfeeding time. Children less than 6 months eating only dairy, mother breast-feeding before work and after work. If the mother can go home during lunch break to feed the better. To work in one to two weeks before families give their children tried feeding bottle, start times less, once or twice a week, let him get used to bottle milk. For more than 4 months babies need to add complementary, to arrange breast-feeding and the suck of milk, should be complementary feeding in mother s time to work time. Mother feeding the baby before she went out to work a dairy or milk out, by the family or nanny after feeding. Not half an hour before MOM came home nursing.
work a week before the hand or breast milk has been squeezed to the sterilized bottle and then pour the milk bag and refrigerated (4 ° c shelf life for 48 hours) or frozen (-4 ° c shelf life to 7 days) i n the refrigerator. More mothers to work, may bring the milk bottles, at break times and lunch in a hidden place milking, but not sucking in the bathroom, that is both inconvenient and unsanitary. After collecting breast milk should be placed in the flask stored on the inside with plastic wrap and bags of ice. If work units have fridge, can be stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer for the time being. MOM sucking fixed the duration of, suggested that the breast every 3 hours of work a day sucking at the same time, so that a specific time to milk. In the process of transporting breast milk after work still need ice to maintain low temperature into the refrigerator immediately after a home store. All stored breast milk to indicate time of aspiration, easy access.
ice frozen breast milk with cold water before feeding returned, again with no more than 50 ° c hot water temperature (refrigerated breast milk are also required to not more than 50 ℃ hot water heating). Do not use the microwave oven, because microwaves heat unevenly and may scald your baby. Breast milk directly in the heat, boil on the fire would destroy their nutrients. So the best way is to slowly add hot water bottle water. Shake the bottle and test the temperature with wrist, proper milk temperature and sing with body temperature. Frozen ice milk is no longer back frozen, refrigerated, refrigeration once heated, even if they are not fed breast milk should not be refrigerated again, be discarded.
due to work pressure and number of sucking breast milk for babies reduce the, some mothers milk secretion reduces, so shall try to keep enough milk secretion. Breaks out of the milk to breast milk secretion, eating soup and prolactin in food, can help to maintain good mood milk secretion. Breast tips

reserve of the rare one of a kind, when mothers with children apart is the ability to supply enough milk her baby, you need to know is how to properly store baby milk supply, and recognizes family or know how to deal with your baby's milk. So, how do you reserve for your baby breast milk?
1, store the breast squeeze down to clean the container. Sterile plastic bottles, milk bottles, plastic bags.
2, when storing breast milk, each in a separate container. Refrigerated milk and frozen milk when added together, keep in mind the new less than had originally been frozen breast milk, or frozen be thawed by a new milk.
3, leave some space for fill milk container. Not too full or tight lid to prevent freezing ice burst. When you use a plastic bag, the best two-layer so as not to rupture. Squeeze the air out, and leave a 1-inch gap (not filled) and then get tight erect, placed in a cylindrical container, frozen ice rise (such as for long-term storage of breast milk is best not to use plastic bags).
4, into small pieces, about 2 to 4 ounces for a ice milk (60 to 120CC), convenient to feed the family or nanny infant eats and does not waste, and labeled on each breast and book a date, if there is a lo t of care are required to write the name of the baby.

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