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Pregnancy diet plan and considerations for February

  pregnant and February is the critical period of fetal organ formation, if inadequate supply of nutrients, are prone to miscarriage, stillbirth and fetal malformations. Pregnant mothers to try to balance nutrition, food, without partiality.
2 months, in addition to folic acid, what else do you need?
a balanced diet.
2 months pregnant can eat chocolate?
appropriate to eat well, eat more vegetables, fruits, protein-rich food. A balanced diet, balanced nutrition intake. Regular pregnancy testing, prenatal care.
2 months pregnant, and want to eat noodles, do not know can not eat garlic? Garlic is not sterilization? ' Can you eat now?
after pregnancy diets try to pay attention to light, eat spicy food. Nicer to the fetus, and then in the first three months of pregnancy can also note that folic acid supplements, this is an essential element for child growth. Garlic and Ginger are hot, if is added to food ingredients, will not be affected, but if you eat it or try to eat less.
when she was two months pregnant what are best to eat?
eat more fruits, vegetables, calcium, iron, zinc-rich foods and drink more water.
two months to pay attention to what to eat to nutritional supplements?
folic acid deficiency can cause cleft lip, cleft palate, such as anencephaly and hydrocephalus, can also cause premature separation of placenta, premature rupture of membranes and other complications. Therefore, preparing for pregnancy and pregnant women early in life, we should eat more vegetables containing folic acid such as spinach, green pepper, carrots and so on, this could reduce the birth of children with congenital anencephaly and spina bifida, but if you take vitamin b complex, the effect will be better.
two months of pregnancy in terms of diet and nutrition what should I pay attention?
eat natural fruits, should eat more fruit or vegetables of the season, because many of the fruits and vegetables of the season and the additives, such as Strawberry now has the potential to add push red, don't drink caffeinated beverages or pigment and food, eat more foods high in protein content of milk.
two months pregnant do you need nutritional supplements?
(1), eat plenty of heat.
(2) intake of sufficient quantities of high quality protein.
(3) eating the right amount of fat, vegetable oils and fats.
(4) sugar, not less.
(5) vitamins in moderation.
(6), pay attention to proper nutrition and a balanced diet.
2 months pregnant, how to strengthen nutrition?
this period is an important period of formation of fetal brain and internal organs, brain, neural tube, organs are in the developmental stage, it must prevent fetal brain malformations and abortion occurs, needed supplemental progesterone, folic acid, Pantothenic acid, vitamin e, and so on.
2 months pregnant, to eat the nutritious stuff?
to eat foods high in protein content, especially the high quality protein, such as shrimp, fish, beef, eating 1--2 eggs a day, 500 ml of milk or yogurt and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, balanced on the line.
2 months pregnant avoid eating?
long-term food for pregnant women, a partial solar eclipse can cause malnutrition and affect fetal growth. Avoid drinking Cola: too many pregnant women drinking Cola beverage, can damage embryos, avoiding excess nutrients, caffeine, smoking, eating pesticide-contaminated fruits and vegetables, avoid drinking avoid eating canned food.

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