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Expectant mothers how to distinguish between true and false signals

  or after 37 weeks of pregnancy the fetus is considered full term, before they reach the production of one or two weeks, there will be some indication, it means that may be about to go into labor, body signals, below, experts tell you how to distinguish between true and false signals.
I feel
fetal head down in the pelvic cavity, expectant mothers will feel the breath smoothly, something easy to eat. Nulliparous women will be two weeks before production began to feel this repor-you do not have. But the fetal head may pressure bladder, mothers will have frequent urination.
ⅱ uterine contractions or vaginal outflow may be some mixed with mucus, rendering, bright red or dark red, blood-like secretion, mainly cervix thinning and soft micro-caused by broken blood vessels. Bleeding is not too much, not to be hospitalized immediately expectant; unless there is vaginal bleeding, said there are other critical incidents, such as placenta, premature separation of placenta previa, requires immediate medical attention. False labor pains
/> production of a few days ago, irregular contractions of the uterus and lower abdomen pain, start interval is 20 minutes, then more and more irregular, expectant mothers can use to walk, rest and the relief of pain. This pain will not cause dilatation of the cervix, so called false labor pains, said it is really a great time. Real hospital delivery
1, broken water: poured out a stream of water from the vagina, Pee trickling uncontrollably. Will pass the litmus tests or vaginal examination determined; once the water breaking, expectant mothers can use a clean pad, and seek immediate medical attention.
2, true pain: is a regular uterine contractions, or walking break fail to ease the pain, the pain concentrated in the back and lower abdomen.
3, meaning: contractions can cause fetal head compression mum's rectum, and a strong sense of meaning, should go to the hospital for examination, do not go to the bathroom, or will bear the baby in the toilet.

other dangerous symptoms include abnormal bleeding, and decreased fetal movement or stop, severe abdominal pain, persistent headache, blurring of vision, urine output decreased, face and left hand swollen, these may be emergency maternal and fetal safety, to hospital immediately, or the termination of pregnancy, cannot be considered as general symptoms to deal with, so as not to delay treatment.
• risk of preterm birth birth signals
term expectant mother who is normal if preterm (less than 37 weeks) pregnant women, will increase the chances of preterm birth, resulting in premature infants. So if preterm pregnant early uterine contractions, vaginal bleeding or broken water, need medical treatment right away.
pain slight and easy ignoring
General term uterus is not as swell as term, there may only be felt frequently contracted, its belly muffled pain or menstrual cramps, would not necessarily have significant pain, at this time still required to check into the hospital, determining the need for hospital births. Pregnant women wait to have clear rules of some confused pain to hospitals, cervix has opened the result to three or four fast health, preterm birth will occur.
awareness delivery stage of a three-stage
Cheng Yi: long painful
rule pain/> trillion to the cervix is fully open stage, about 14 hours of primipara repor-about seven hours. When the production occurs, your doctor will perform diagnostic check, determine whether cervical dilation, fetal head position, with or without rupture. Medical staff will help the expectant mother equipped with fetal monitors, to assess the present situation of baby and the uterine muscle. If the hospital has reached labor standards, namely register.
hospital for observation of
based on the cervix is dilated after hospitalization, softness, uterine contraction, to decide whether to require coupled with oxytocic strengthen uterine contraction, reducing labor time, so as not to consume too much energy.
relieve severe pain one or two steps
continuous intensive labor, in addition to causing lower abdominal and back pain are also prone to pelvic muscle tension, pelvic cavity is more narrow, delivery of the fetus is not easy. Now consider two ways to relieve the pain.
the Lamaze breathing techniques, this course generally in prenatal mothers ' class, mainly using patterns of breathing and relaxation to achieve pain relief, natural health, without intervention.

painless childbirth by anesthesiologists execution, is the use of a small tube into the lumbar spinal subdural cavity in, by adding the right amount of anesthetic, reach part of the pain ease, so you can make MOM a break to save energy, and pelvic muscles to relax, and facilitate the delivery of the fetus.
pain index: ★

incubation period pains started from rules to the cervix reaches three to four fingers, known incubation period (about nine hours of primipara and multipara about five hours), expectant mothers should try to relax, combined with deep breathing.
when the cervix is reached when two to four per cent, which entered a period of activity, and at this stage will suddenly fast, about every hour to progress. Sometimes mothers pain and involuntary exertion, which cause the cervix swell, affected the progress of labor.

BT-producing unexpected situations 1, Pee can't work it out: in principle once every 4-6 hours to discharge urine if unsolved more than six hours, you should use bladder catheterization emptying, so as not to cause overactive bladder expansion stage of hysteresis.
2, vaginal bleeding: bleeding is mainly caused by the constant thinning of the cervix. If there is bleeding or placenta may represent sinus rupture, emergency caesarean section.
3, broken water: will release forefront in breaking water element, causes uterine contractions. In some cases, doctors have imposed artificial rupture of water to speed up the progress of labor.
4, changes in the fetal heart tones: fetal heart rate may vary depending on a number of factors, resulting in slow transient. At this time, health care staff are evaluated, given an oxygen mask, a large number of drip infusions, please MOM left side, take this to improve.
Cheng Yi: pain index: ★ ★ ★ ☆
stage II: taken to the delivery room
the cervix is fully open to the delivery of the fetal stage, delivery of the fetal head will continue to decline at this time to partum for about 50 minutes, multiparous women for about 20 minutes. During this period, expectant mothers will be met with a sharp acceleration of uterine contractions felt rushed down there seems to be something, or have a strong sense of meaning.
in a password under staff instruction, mother to coincide with the air forced down hard, so that the head will gradually decline. When the vulva and vaginal opening, when subjected to thinning of the fetal head down squeeze, the head will be revealed at the vaginal orifice, called a "Crown", you will be sent to the delivery room. On the delivery table, still must be compatible with the health care staff instruction, doctor, as the case may be of moderate episiotomy to facilitate delivery of the fetus. Emergency
delivery of fetal head can't go down smoothly, may be the fetus on the face or head for pelvic asymmetry, judgment may be taken by a doctor forceps, vacuum suction unit supporting the production, or directly to the Palace.
stage II: pain index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
stage III:
refers to the delivery of the fetus to the placenta after delivery of the placenta delivery phase, about 20 minutes. After his mother in the delivery of the fetus, there will be a temporary relief, they would feel a strong sense of meaning, mainly cause delivery of the placenta and uterine contractions.
rehabilitation carefully bleeding
zhihou doctor will help massage uterine, clear uterine within clot or remaining placenta, then suture birth canal crack injury and the perineal cut at, at mother will was uterine contraction pain, in navel Xia can touch to like stone like hard of uterine, this is postpartum bleeding most may occurred of time, mother should efforts massage uterine to prevent for uterine unable to contraction and caused bleeding.
stage III: pain index: ★ ☆
's history is long and hard before delivery, but it is inevitable, if you have prior knowledge, prior preparation and mental construction, so when childbirth comes, and worry about not understanding, it also has enough power to go through the throes of crisis. Believe when you see the long awaited baby cute when, before my mother will feel all the hard work is worth it.

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