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Six days after caesarean nursing considerations

  said a caesarean section, pregnant women because of infection or hemorrhage and deadly in the past years are not uncommon. In science and technology is quite advanced today, Caesarean section is a relatively safe procedure, such as anesthesia accidents, improvement of aseptic surgery, surgery, have greatly reduced the risk of caesarean section rates.
on the timing of caesarean section:
General caesarean critical situation due to the time of the decision and is divided into "arranged" and "interim arrangements" caesarean section two, which we used to call "elective surgery", the latter called "emergency surgery". Pregnant women in elective surgery can have ample time to prepare, including psychological, physical and family support, and emergency surgery in critical condition, emergency arrangements in order to save a pregnant woman and the fetus, pregnant women and their families are often in a passive state, most families are not prepared.
surgery required prior to Indwelling Catheter
generally 30 minutes prior to surgery, the nurse will provide pregnant women with urethral inserts a catheter and connect the drainage bag. This is in order not to swell bladder during surgery to prevent the doctor's view, and avoid accidental injury of urinary bladder occurred.
simple on had surgery Qian of matters Hou, we the concern caesarean section Hou of nursing has, this is compared key of period, not along the--
a,. surgery Hou (day) first days
operation Hou returned to ward of maternal needed to pillow prostrate, nurse will urine tube drainage bags and the infusion tube properly fixed placed in right of location, in its hip Xia pad good health towel, and will timing for maternal massage uterine, observation uterine contraction and vaginal bleeding situation, also will for they of abdominal placed a sandbags. This is done to reduce the abdominal cut ooze blood. Nurses will be required from time to time as the maternal blood pressure measurement, view the complexion, pulse and body temperature, observe the color of the urine, at intervals the amount of urine tubes is unobstructed, and recorded these conditions.
the baby is hungry, nurses would give the baby to the mother, the mother must be the most precious colostrum breastfeeding for your baby. This is a memorable experience, leaving the baby for themselves. As everyone knows, the baby's sucking can promote uterine contractions, reduce the occurrence of uterine bleeding.
postpartum belly pillows after 6 hours, and will feel much more comfortable. Pillow to supine causes: most Caesarean sections used epidural anesthesia, pillow after prostrate surgery can prevent headaches and supine the head to one side, but also prevents aspiration of vomit.
after the surgery that evening, most women will feel abdominal pain, your doctor will prescribe for her, with pain agents ease the pain, so that women had no pain at night.
Note: special need to keep warm and a variety of pipes open; 12 hours fasting and the water, of course, includes milk; frequently change sanitary napkins, kept clean and belly punching bag required for 8 hours; 12 hours later, mothers in family or with the help of nurses can change the position, turn, moving legs.
the next day after surgery helps women sit up--after surgery the next day, expectant mothers can sit up with the help of her husband. The specific method is: husband sat bedside, with pregnant women back and under her weight. Mothers can also put your body and family support to sit up. Condition of the hospital can also roll up bed, maternal half Fowler.
diet-many mothers now feel hungry, you can drink some rice soup, soft noodle soup. But before they exhaust, can't drink milk, eat foods containing sugar, this is because cow's milk, eggs, sugar and food also not back bowel maternal body produce more gas, abdominal swelling may affect wound healing, can also affect recovery of intestinal function.
-health-urinary catheter pulling out most of today, you can put on your underwear, to clean up Lochia, and can keep the vulva clean. 2-4 hours after pulling out urinary catheter should discharge urine. Today the Lochia is red, sometimes with some small clots, mucous-like stuff.
activities-activities-today you can slowly on the bed leg, trying to lift a leg up, and then gently down, can only do 2, 3.
taught you several can reduce wound pain of method:
operation Hou second days, many maternal still was wound is pain, husband can in wife turn change position cough Shi, with hands tight by wound, such through reduced vibration and reduce pain; in maternal side bit Shi, can in its waist put a pillow, also can in abdominal put a blankets, support about to reduce pain; for maternal play a soft of music, husband wear a color bright of clothing and do do waist abdominal massage, Are very good, "Painkiller", the loving husband would do.
special tips-new mothers need to help others, to better feed the baby eat liquid food such as congee, soup, etc; as soon as possible after the removal of catheter pee; tried to sit down, stretch lower extremity; helping them to massage leg muscles.
cleaning itself--on the third day after surgery to brush your teeth, wash your face, comb your hair, so that their spirits up, and maintain a good mood. Breasts need to be carefully cleaned. Watching baby after eating sleeping, and new MOM must be very gratifying.
on the Lochia-still red, compared to the previous days.
position when feeding baby – you can put a large pillow in the back support when sitting, in order to reduce pain or you can put a pillow in the stomach put the baby on a pillow, to reduce arms ache and abdom inal wound of oppression.
new mother while on the diet--eating and drinking, ensure the soup enough, so that milk foot. Remember to balance meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables, milk is of high quality. --Try in bed
activity activity under lower limb 5?6/time, twice a day, which can prevent the formation of deep venous thrombosis; start getting ready for a ground, and lets her sit up, down in the bed legs, adapted for a while, and then stood, and prevent the occurrence of dizzy. Abdominal wound and press with both hands, eases pain caused by vibration. Each activity in the fields of time from 1 minute, gradually increased, families can be assisted.
Note: feed the baby without limit; wash hands before feeding; their care themselves, such as replacement of sanitary napkin, turn around doing bed exercises and activities in the fields; clean yourself, and maintain a good mood encourages new father touching the baby.
d. Fourth postoperative day:
new mothers today have been able to try to do more things, in addition to clean himself, can also change diapers for the baby, clothes, etc; take a baby from head to foot with their families again, comment baby process, himself completed the transition from maternal mother.
on activity--activity too much support is no longer needed in the fields, or you can do arm and leg movements other than, such as anal contraction, and so on.
sweat urine increase--this is due to the accumulation of excess water in the body during pregnancy through sweat and urine in the form of discharge.
on the Lochia-has turned to pink, the smell of blood.
diet-eating more vegetables and fruits, to facilitate drainage of stool.
special tips--postpartum fourth days, due to maternal in late must face from parental of variety pressure: is mother of mood need restructuring, itself image of change, on family of care not satisfaction, family economic needs increased and on himself is can competent mother role no confidence,, some maternal may mood compared low, even risk postpartum depression, clinical performance for cry, and sad tired, and forgetful, and attention cannot concentrated, and anxiety, and easy anger, and tempered, and negative to thinking and so on. They need friends and family, especially "ordinary" comfort and help, help them to find the solution.
e. Fifth postoperative day:
the new mother's temperature is normal, good uterine contractions, abdominal wound no exudate. She has come out from the tired, as mothers, most of them had begun to build confidence, breastfeeding for your baby's approach is correct, proficiency in action. Baby's a groan, you can wake her from a deep sleep, and often stared at the baby. See the baby crying loud, quick-witted, skin a little pale yellow.
special tips-they need to provide emotional support, encouraged her husband to maternal expression of "giving birth" a feeling.
f. sixth day after surgery:
suture of maternal abdominal wound using an injury can came home from the Hospital today. Doctors and nurses are asked to keep in mind before discharge, you need to understand how knowledge of contraception, how to exercise and balanced nutrition, and remember when the doctor. For the baby, as he finished his first vaccination, save injections, and other issues to bear in mind.
in any case, c-sections compared with natural childbirth, delivery of the risk is relatively high.
TIPS: pain
can say that pain is a personal experience, not a precise instrument to measure. A person's perception of pain by education level, family status, race, region, past experience, the impact of such factors as the degree of attention of the family.
some women think that if you said that should not hurt other people hurt, is a delicate, so I have to "live with it". In fact, doing so only to make themselves more anxiety, mood worse, also affect the baby's emotional, because there is a subtle between mother and baby "interaction" of emotional connection. So don't have to do this, don't take into account what others think, boldly telling the doctor, you need help!

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