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Mixed feeding the baby milk powder have any requirements

  mixed what is feeding the baby milk powder
now, most of the new mother was an office worker, a fast-paced, stress, work, growing older, less milk to meet your baby's needs, mixed feeding became more mother's choice.
of breast feeding and bottle feeding at the same time, called the mixed feeding.
mixed feeding problem
mixed feeding is easy to create new baby digestive disorders, if a nurse in mixed feeding, more prone to this condition.
mixed feeding is not easy to get milk, how much are breast milk deficiency? Each formula distribution? Difficult to master. Mixed feeding give beginner MOM and dad brought a lot of trouble.
/> best of mixed feeding methods method 1: fed only milk, breastfeeding breast milk, eat eat milk formula. Do not eat milk enough, and then milk. This is not conducive to the baby to digest, easy to make baby nipple impression could trigger anorexia in milk powder, don't eat a bottle.
2: make full use of breast milk and feed your baby breast milk as much as possible. Breast milk is absorbing more and more, if her lack of breast milk, and reduce the frequency of breast-feeding, will make the breast less and less. Breast feeding times to evenly apart, not for a long time not to breast feed.
method 3: best breastfeeding at night. MOM is tired at night, especially after midnight, was rushed to the baby milk powder of trouble getting up; in addition, mother to rest at night, increase milk secretion, and babies need less breast milk can meet your baby's needs. But if the amount of breast milk does too little, babies do not have enough to eat, would shorten the feeding time, affect mother and child rest, will be dominated by milk powder.
method 4: when each of milk powder, not down too much, trying not to let the baby takes too long to eat using milk powder; brewing after the milk temperature and body temperature, generally around 36 degrees Celsius.
Select milk 4 Note:
• 1 year baby for feeding of breast milk, infant formula is more suitable.
• packaging to intact, not breathable; packaging bags Shang to indicate production date, and production batch, and save term, save term best is with stamp playing of, no altered suspected; milk appearance should is micro-yellow powder, particles uniform consistent, no caking, smell of has clear fragrance, with temperature water rushed adjustable Hou, dissolved completely, still Hou no sediment, milk and water no separation phenomenon. If the opposite is the case, suggests that milk may have quality problems.
, best buy's recent production of milk powder, and count, from production to your baby finish, preferably not more than 3 months.
• famous-brand milk is good, but to prevent counterfeiting. As far as supermarket shopping malls to buy, in addition to preventing fake outside, supermarket and shopping mall short product cycle, to buy production dates close to the product. Problem 4 practical
Q: what is whole milk, 1/2 milk, 1/3 milk?
a: new born baby, digestive function is weak, cannot process with high concentration of milk, lower milk should feed concentration. That is, you cannot feed the whole milk, 1/3 milk should feed. After 3 days of fed 1/2 milk, can be fed whole milk in a week.
whole milk preparation method is: a flat teaspoon milk plus 4 teaspoons (same size spoons) of water, milk powder dissolved sake just milk.
1/2 milk preparation method is: a flat teaspoon milk plus 8 teaspoons of water.
1/3 milk preparation method is: a spoonful of milk plus 12 tablespoons of water.
not so much trouble each time the milk distribution. Like a spoonful of milk with 20 ml of water into the milk; with 8 tablespoons of milk whole milk, add 160 ml of water; with 1/2 milk, add 320 ml water; with 1/3 milk, plus 480 ml water. And so on.
Q: newborn baby can feed fresh milk?
a: fresh milk is rich in calcium, is a very good milk, but milk is not suitable for feeding the baby. Fresh milk contains plenty of protein, about 3 times higher than breast milk, fresh cow's milk proteins, casein 80% is. Casein encountered after the acidic gastric juices in the stomach, it is easy to form a large block of curds. Fresh milk contains a lot of calcium, casein precipitates, not easy to digest. Baby digestive and absorptive function is relatively weak, difficult to digest milk, galactorrhea-prone. Choosing baby formula, milk is not preferred.
Q: baby how saturated the hunger message?
a: baby is hungry, he will:
• hunger cry; tits
with small mouth;
• when sent to the nipple when the baby's mouth, he couldn't wait to hold, sucking with satisfaction;
• ate very seriously, it is difficult to be around to bother.
enough, he would be:
• casual feeding, sucking weakened;
• the movement stops sucking, even lay down their tits, looking for source;
• arrived out nipples with her tongue, in, arrives. If you try to put the pacifier in it, he would turn, ignoring you.
Q: feeding intervals day and night the same?
a: baby stomach capacity is small, energy-storage capacity is weak and need nutritional supplements. Number of newborn infants, but also at night will not rest and feeding intervals, day and night are the same. With the increase of age, the baby gradually fewer night nurse, would start the day slowly sucking, night feeding habits.

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