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Children eat three fruits harmful to health

  child eat three fruits harmful to health
-persimmons into stones in the stomach-acid
skin is thin and fresh, sweet, kids love to eat fruit. Persimmons are rich in sucrose, glucose, fructose, vitamin c, calcium, phosphorus, iron and a variety of gel. If a child lung-heat cough or dry stool, eat some persimmons can help improve symptoms. However, if often a lot before a meal to eat persimmons, persimmon contains a lot of gum persimmon tannin and resin and phenol, will meet in the stomach acid forms insoluble hard patch. Hard block hours with fecal discharge, while the larger lumps cannot be discharged only remains in the stomach to form stones in the stomach, showed stomach pain discomfort, vomiting and indigestion, if a child had gastritis, gastric ulcer, and may lead to dangerous complications such as perforation of the stomach, gastric hemorrhage.
therefore, the child is not too much to eat persimmons, can eat at a time or two, do not eat the skin, avoid the formation of persimmon stone disease.
--sugar cane sucrose-induced Staphylococcus breed
sugar cane contains large amounts of sugar, after entering the gastrointestinal tract coupled with digestive enzymes can make glucose concentration, eat more. When blood glucose concentration above the normal limit, often to promote the growth of Staphylococcus aureus on the skin multiply, leading to skin small boils or Carbuncles. If bacteria invade deep into the skin, can also cause bacteremia. While consuming too much sugar makes children the PH value of the blood, forming acidic. Acidic children decreased immune function of the body, prone to colds and skin infections. Therefore, the child is not excessive eating sugar cane, preferably not more than 50 grams a day. Citrus – cause carotene blood

citrus fruits contain a lot of citric acid, Malic acid, not only nutritious, but also regulating qi to invigorate the spleen, removing phlegm and clearing cough, for treatment of acute and chronic infection in respiratory tract and indigestion. However, parents often have mistaken eat better, citrus if you eat too much, however, will cause increased carotene content in the body, causing the carotene blood disease. Its expression is loss of appetite, irritability, sleep is not practical, also associated with night terrors, crying, sleep, and sometimes hands, paws yellowing of the skin. Therefore, children eat more citrus has a reasonable limit, up to eating 2~3 a day.

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